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Charles Grover Woodworks, Inc.

Known for quality workmanship and beautiful handcrafted outdoor furniture

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Charles Grover Woodworks, Inc.
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions We Have Received About Our Furniture

Are quantity discounts available?
Yes, however, since we have not increased the prices on our furniture since 2017 and the cost of goods continues to rise, we may not be able to provide generous discounts. Please contact us by phone or email for more information on quantity discounts.

Why is all the furniture finished with an "Oil Finish"?
Untreated cedar will begin to crack fairly quickly if left outside. We apply a commercial oil-based deck finish that is made of specially treated tung or linseed oil, mixed with a small amount of varnish. This finish contains mildewcides, drying agents, and UV inhibitors. It will help protect your outdoor furniture from drying out, cracking and mildew, and it will slow the graying process. The oil finish should be renewed annually by applying an oil-based deck finish, intended for outdoor use. This finish is applied with a cloth, then wiped off with a clean cloth after a few minutes.

What if I want to paint or stain my outdoor furniture?
We do not recommend any finish that actually coats the wood, like paint or varnish. Eventually, it will begin to crack, chip and peel. A better alternative, if you would like to color your furniture, is a transparent or solid oil stain, which is available at any paint store ot home center in a wide range of colors. These can be applied right over the existing oil finish.

How can I find out about your new products?
Check out our website from time to time. We update our website on a regular basis.

Can I order custom engraving?
Yes, please contact us. All chairs and benches can be customized by hand carved engraving. The junior furniture makes a great gift with a child's name on it.

Why have there been price increases?
Unfortunately, the cost of the raw materials (Western Red Cedar and hardware) has increased significantly, along with the cost of shipping these raw materials to Long Lake. In the past few years, we have adjusted the prices to reflect these increases. This year, 2019, we decided to keep the prices at the 9/2017 level, but we may not be able to provide quantity discounts to account for the every increasing cost of goods to make our furniture.

What is new?
By popular demand, in 2017 we added an ADK Chair recliner to our product list, as well as many types of gliders.



Charles Grover Woodworks, Inc.
The Adirondack Chair: a true American icon for over five generations.

Charles Grover Woodworks, Inc.
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